Isotta Bozzarelli, PhD

I graduated in molecular biology and completed my PhD in cardio-nefro thoracic sciences at the University of Bologna, Italy. I have always been passionate about genetics, and I am dedicating my career at understanding how our genes work. During my PhD studies I have been involved in projects regarding the genetics of cancer and rare diseases, and in 2021 I joined the MDAlab as a postdoc, where I am currently working on two major research projects. 

With the first one, exploiting data from large population-based cohorts, we aim at shedding light on the genetic factors that contribute to intestinal motility,  and how the perturbation of related mechanisms can result in dysmotility disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In the other project, we test in vitro the impact of coding and regulatory variants in the sucrase isomaltase (SI) gene, which can induce IBS-like symptoms when its function or expression is affected. 

When I am not in the lab,  you can find me diving into the pages of some comics, crocheting, or hitting the pool for a swim.