Andreea Zamfir Taranu, MSc

I am from Navodari, a city located in the mysterious country of vampires and wolves in southeastern Europe (Romania). When I was nine years old, I moved to Alicante, a city that is famous for the “Paella” and the beach, in Spain. There I studied Biology and I started my interest in statistics and genetics. After that, I did a master´s in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at the Open University of Catalonia and my final project was about the “Diversity of bacterial genes involved in the catabolic pathway of dioxins”. 

In 2021, I joined MDALab at CIC bioGUNE for my PhD studies. It was love at first sight... The focus of my project is the identification of hypomorphic (dysfunctional) DNA variants in a group of genes (in particular sucrase-isomaltase, SI) that affect the process of carbohydrate digestion, therefore typifying a subset of IBS patients who may benefit from dietary advice.  

I am a social person and love to spend time in a sunny place with a cup of coffee. When I am not in the lab I like to play the violin, or dance salsa and bachata.